Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meet Shanna.

My sister Shanna. She is, well, GORGEOUS!
While trying to decided what she should wear I thought I'd like my sisters to dress by their personalities. Shanna has always taken the time to make sure she is presentable when in public. She will give herself enough time to do her hair and make up. She has style and I LOVE that she isn't afraid to get what she likes even if she finds the knock-off version at wally mart.=) I love this dress because it says sophisticated, while at the same still playful. She defiantly isn't afraid to get dirty.=) I love my sister Shanna while we are very different our style is much the if I can only get back down to her size so I can "barrow" her clothes!

My sister Shanna Sophisticated and gorgeous!

I love you Shanna!!


EmaLee said...

Gorgeous! She looks a lot like your Mom.

Katie said...

Sabrina you are such an amazing photographer!!!! Awesome pictures!!! Great JOB!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys!!