Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 thoughts while sick in bed.

I hate being sick and when I am I tend to sit around all day feeling sorry for myself.

Today after spending most of the day sleeping, I found myself strangely surfing Facebook. I never really spend much time on the site. Usually I only go on to post things or to read messages that have been posted to my wall or to leave messages. However I had the time and I started browsing all my friends’ sites and reading all the “Notes” that have been going around. I especially liked all the “25 random things about you” notes. I learned things about friends I never knew…

This led me to start thinking about myself and what 25 random things I would write…

then it turned into this-My 25 random thoughts while sick in bed:

*I want to skydive someday. Maybe when I turn 30? That way everyone can contribute my craziness to getting old. =)

*I’m very baby hungry. Everyone I live around and know either is pregnant or is trying and I think I would enjoy being a mom.

*I really want to travel to Africa, but only after traveling to Europe.

*If I had 1000.00 to waste, I would spend it all at Emiliejane and Ikea, doing awesomeness to our room to make it look a little less cinder blockish.

*If I had a whole day off with nothing to do, I could spend it cleaning, organizing and rearranging every corner of our apartment to make it look and feel better (I’ve done this one too many times, AHHH…I love doing it though).

*I want to develop my talents enough that they become a blessing to others.

*I really want to buy a record player (a cool vintage one) and buy loads of records to play on it. Someday…

*I love running. Running makes me happy. I want to run a marathon before I turn 30.

*If I could have a house filled with flowers it would be filled with daises.

*I adore cream soda and orange cream soda. My sister in law introduced me to Sonics Orange cream soda slushy. Yummy!

*I adore vintage anything. I wish I had a home full of all the vintage items I've ever wanted.

*Sometimes I think it would be “cool” to own a TV…other times, I’m glad all I have are my books.

*I wish I was more creative. I wish I were a better cook.

*I think it would be cool to take pictures of vintage items, blow them up and hang them on our walls.

*We need a new mattress… ours isn’t that comfortable.

*I’m so blessed for all I have. My husband, our home and all we’ve been given. I know the Lord is looking out for us and guides our lives everyday.

*I have some pretty awesome friends. How much better can it get than to have so many people in your life who are doing good things? I want to be more like all of them.

*At heart, I’m a perfectionist. Every two weeks when I do laundry my husband’s drawers get completely refolded. I enjoy having things neat and tidy so my home can be a place of refuge. My husband is a great sport and help’s a lot in this aspect when he can.

*I dream of the day when I have my own kitchen that isn’t apart of the living room and that actually has counter space. Maybe then I’ll become a better cook?

*I want to become a better writer so I can describe to the world exactly how I’m feeling without the hindrance of my weakness for words. Maybe one day I’ll take a class.

*I dream of being able to go back to school, not to get a degree but to take some photography classes.

*I adore my Nieces and Nephews…mostly (probably because he lives so close) Duncan. Sunday he sat in my lap during sacrament when Holly went to get primary set up and he spent 15 minutes making all the markers, crayons and colored pencils face the same way, then started matching all the colors… how could you not adore such cleverness.

*It would be awesome to have a station on the radio that played Audio books all day long (Harry Potter would be most desirable).

*If I could be an animal I would choose to be a turtle. I loved watching them surf the waves, chill on the beach and go a pace all their own.

*Multitasking is great. For instance I’m writing this, listening to Harry Potter, writing a list on the side of the groceries we need, thinking of cool places to shoot family and/or engagement pictures and writing my TO DO LIST (I would be lost without it).

Have you had enough of being in my head yet? Good, cause I think it's time for more theraflu.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Easy Wall Art

Isnt this just a great idea??? I love it and want to try it for our small hall that's by the bathroom...or maybe in the room?=)
It sounds super easy and you can check out how to make it here.

It was a great weekend! Valentines Day for me started Friday, I had to end up staying late at work and didn't get home till 10:30pm. When I got home the house had been completely cleaned! The dishes that had been neglected for a good couple of days were done and even put away. I had a dozen white roses in an emiliejane vase (which is my FAVORITE STORE!!!) just bought that day with dove chocolates. Bruce even downloaded 10 Things I hate about you to watch that night. The next day (Saturday) we both slept in (yay!!!) and while he went to get his hair cut and get some things for the car I went for a 70 min run!! I was so proud of myself. Then we got all cleaned up and went out to dinner.
What a great couple of days it's been, I wouldnt have wanted it any different! I hope everyone else had a wonderful day!!

AHHH the start of a new week...time does fly.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Early Valentines Day!

It was a year ago this Saturday when Bruce proposed to me, that day happens to be one of my sweetest memories. I sit sometimes in awe at how fast time is flying by, it seems like just yesterday that we got married.
However, I've never been a big fan of the holiday, probably becasue I hardly ever went out with anyone on the Day. Every year seemed to be the same, go to Walmart, buy myself a box of those dove truffles (yummy), buy a chick flick and cozy up with the comfy couch while I recieve text messages from friends who were lucky enough to get asked out on dates. Depressing right? But really it wasnt all that depressing. I liked my corner of the couch, it really was quite comfortable.
Now that I'm married, it feels nice knowing you get to spend the DAY OF LOVE with someone you really do love. I'm greatful for Bruce and enjoy spending everyday with him, even if it has been a year!=)

Here's something I got to do today to celabrate valentines Day. Some of you may know that I watch some kiddos in our court a couple times a week. These kids are super easy to watch and I enjoy all the time I get to play with them! Today we made some Valentine Cards for mummy and daddy then we took these pictures that I'm going to glue on them after I get them printed. It was way fun and I can't wait to deliver them on Saturday. SO IF YOU KNOW THEM DON"T TELL TILL SATURDAY!!!=) All I did was lay one of Keidra's pink blankets up against the couch and put some of her cute room decorations on the floor and you have an instant studio! I got the idea from my sister in law laurel who got the idea from Here. It's not as great as hers but still last minute ideas never besides the kiddos do steal the show, don't you think?