Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trying something new.

So I've never taken maternity pictures... ever since Holly asked me to take some of her I decided others in the court might want some as well.
Isn't Kara beautiful?! Her eyes are amazing and her glow beautiful! I just loved taking pictures of her and her belly and her dress was to die for! I JUST LOVE WHEN PEOPLE COME TO A SHOOT WITH BRIGHT COLORS.
Kara and Tee are both a little more laid back and really easy going. She was great about going along with a lot of my demands. I told her to stand up. sit down, cross her legs, put your legs up to the side.=) Tee said at the end he was just happy she didn't go into premature labor! Well I am too, I don't think I ever would forgive myself and I can't see myself ever recovering from something like that. They were great. If anyone else want's pictures even if down the road when your belly gets bigger, don't hesitate to email me.

Some other news..Bruce and I made the decision a couple of weeks ago to go to Europe! Yup his mom and dad are planning this huge two and a half week trip and it's all going to cost 800.00 each! Talk about being in picture paradise!!! I cant even tell you how excited I am, Seriously I'm almost bouncing out of my seat right now, that's how excited I get every time I think about it.

Also the other week I did our taxes for the first time on my own (well with the help of Holly whom I called every couple of mins, thanks Holly!).
I was so proud of myself. I know that sounds lame and everyone is probably thinking they always did there own taxes...but well, my dad always filed mine for me and heck, I never complained that he did. I was surpised to find it was nt really all that difficalt. I guess our lives right now are pretty simple and boring.

Anyways here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Warm Spring Days.

So wasn't yesterday just sooooo amazing! I mean I must have sat outside in the warm sun for hours. It makes my soul cry out for the beach. What a LONG winter it's been.

Along with a beautiful day was an awesome shoot with Chris and Tish. I've known Chris since I was 19 I think. We are good 'ol single ward buddies. We've had callings together, gone to many dances together and hung out on multiple occasions. Tish you've got a great guy, I'm so glad to have meet you and am excited to shoot your wedding! Chris and Tish are getting married the same weekend Bruce and I got married last year, they are even having the reception in Bruce's parents backyard. Talk about deja vu! =)

Anyways this couple is awesome! If you know them don't forget to send a gift. Come on you know how we all like getting gifts at our weddings.

Here are some of my favorite engagement shots from yesterdays session. Hope you guys enjoy them!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Little bird houses.

I saw these hung in another court on my way to get laundry change... I loved them so much I had to go back to get pictures. They remind me of Spring.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Let's go honey"

Ok, since I don't have any kids can I just brag about my adorable nephew? This morning Jimmy called and asked if I could watch Duncan for a few hours while he and Bruce went to basketball and soccer. Of course I said yes, Duncan is always so fun to be around. While Bruce was leaving he called back and said "See ya later honey". After a few minutes Duncan and I decided we wanted to go see the animals at the zoo, it was a beautiful day after all. While I was getting ready, Duncan was becoming more and more excited to the point of yelling out, "Let's go honey"...I laughed so hard! It was too cute to hear a little 3 year old call me honey.=)
So we set out to walk down to the church to get Duncan's car set, it was the only way we would be able to go. Once we got there however, I had no idea where Jimmy's car was (at least I couldn't recognize it) so i asked Duncan, "Where's Daddy's car?" He looked around and said, "ummmm, right there!" and sure enough it was Jimmy's car.

Finally we got home and the car set in the car and set off to the zoo. I've never been to the Hogle Zoo so I had nooo idea where everything was. At least it's not that big so it was impossible to get lost and I'm sure eventually I would have been able to find all the animals. Duncan surprised me by pulling me along and knowing exactly what all the animals were and where they were located. If he didn't know a particular animal (like a specific monkey's name) he'd ask, "Brina, whats that one called?"
Oh and before we left the house he requested to wear his little animal backpack, you know one of those that has the tail as a leash...well we never used the leash much until the end when he saw another little boy with the same backpack and his mom was holding the leash. I could see his brain working knowing he had the same backpack and leash and wanting me to hold his leash as well. He turned to me and said "Brina, hold my leash" and then proceeded to follow the little boy, determined to make friends with him and why wouldn't he?=) They both had pretty sweet backpacks.
It turned out to be a FUN morning, Duncan walked/ran for a good three hours around the zoo and finally on our way to get lunch passed out in his car set. So cute! How much better can it get than to get a first hand tour of the zoo from a three year old.=) Who, by the way described in detail every animal. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day all of which were requested by Duncan to be taken. I took one at the beginning of him in from of an animal and after that he was hooked and would say, "I need a picture in front of the bear or leopard or peacock...=)" Thats why we have so many with him in front of the animals. Although I think his favorite part was looking at it after it was taken.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Little girls Crush.

Every other week Bruce and I have the wonderful opportunity to teach the Sunbeam class at church. Usually the kids come in and pick the chair they want and sit next to whomever they choose to sit next too. We usually aren't that picky...however since our class has doubled since we got our newest sunbeams we split up between the two rows to keep the kiddos in there chairs and somewhat quite. About half way through Primary Holly (the primary president) got my attention and pointed to Bruce who was sitting in the row behind me and said, "I think you have some competition". All four girls had chosen to sit next to him and the two boys decided to take their chances with me. I had to laugh...
During class I'm continually amazed at how much these little kiddos learn from home and retain. I had a picture that I showed of a father baptizing his daughter and when I asked the kids to explain what was happening in the picture, one of our little boys shouted "The Priesthood" Bruce and I looked at each other in shock that this 3 year old new that you needed the priesthood to baptize. WOW great job to all the sunbeam parents! We really are amazed and love teaching your chidren.

So i was BROWSING the internet, cause Bruce is studying, and found this awesome site for fabrics. They are a little pricey but I LOVE them and want so bad to make a baby blanket out of one or all of these. The company is Nuno.

Here are some of my favorites.

(This one is my favorite)