Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Let's go honey"

Ok, since I don't have any kids can I just brag about my adorable nephew? This morning Jimmy called and asked if I could watch Duncan for a few hours while he and Bruce went to basketball and soccer. Of course I said yes, Duncan is always so fun to be around. While Bruce was leaving he called back and said "See ya later honey". After a few minutes Duncan and I decided we wanted to go see the animals at the zoo, it was a beautiful day after all. While I was getting ready, Duncan was becoming more and more excited to the point of yelling out, "Let's go honey"...I laughed so hard! It was too cute to hear a little 3 year old call me honey.=)
So we set out to walk down to the church to get Duncan's car set, it was the only way we would be able to go. Once we got there however, I had no idea where Jimmy's car was (at least I couldn't recognize it) so i asked Duncan, "Where's Daddy's car?" He looked around and said, "ummmm, right there!" and sure enough it was Jimmy's car.

Finally we got home and the car set in the car and set off to the zoo. I've never been to the Hogle Zoo so I had nooo idea where everything was. At least it's not that big so it was impossible to get lost and I'm sure eventually I would have been able to find all the animals. Duncan surprised me by pulling me along and knowing exactly what all the animals were and where they were located. If he didn't know a particular animal (like a specific monkey's name) he'd ask, "Brina, whats that one called?"
Oh and before we left the house he requested to wear his little animal backpack, you know one of those that has the tail as a leash...well we never used the leash much until the end when he saw another little boy with the same backpack and his mom was holding the leash. I could see his brain working knowing he had the same backpack and leash and wanting me to hold his leash as well. He turned to me and said "Brina, hold my leash" and then proceeded to follow the little boy, determined to make friends with him and why wouldn't he?=) They both had pretty sweet backpacks.
It turned out to be a FUN morning, Duncan walked/ran for a good three hours around the zoo and finally on our way to get lunch passed out in his car set. So cute! How much better can it get than to get a first hand tour of the zoo from a three year old.=) Who, by the way described in detail every animal. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day all of which were requested by Duncan to be taken. I took one at the beginning of him in from of an animal and after that he was hooked and would say, "I need a picture in front of the bear or leopard or peacock...=)" Thats why we have so many with him in front of the animals. Although I think his favorite part was looking at it after it was taken.



Holly said...

Thanks so much for taking him!! He loves the zoo =) I sometimes can't believe how lucky I such amazing family so close! You make my life so much easier!

Danny and Veronica said...

What a good aunt! That is sooo cute:)

pawlyandsandy said...

Hey, this is Paul, one of Bruce's mission buddies. Amazing pictures. I'm really impressed. Great to see Elder MacDougall being his normal goofy self. Oh, I also noticed you took pictures of a friend of mine from high school, Jessica Merryweather (not sure on the spelling.) Small world. Say hi to Bruce for me.

Mike and Emily said...

What a cutie! He definitely knows more about animals than I do....some beautiful pics of the animals too, Sabrina!