Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School and some cleaning

School has started and I'm not liking it. Well it's not as though I never get to see Bruce or that we are super busy...but it just means that I get to work a lot more since he'll just be working part time. *SIGH. Last two semesters, crazy that it's almost over. I find myself wondering where we will be this time next year. =) It's kind of scary and yet kind of exciting at the same time.

The other day Bruce and I cleaned our entire house. I mean we went through all our closest and threw about 4 loads of trash away! Pretty crazy since we really don't have a whole lot of stuff to begin with. So during this process I found one of Bruce's old lap tops with a hug crack in the screen. we haven't used it in over a year so I ask him if we could just rid of it. He didn't want to and I didn't want it sitting in our desk for another year so he came up this brilliant plan to use it as our CD player. Most of our movies are on our external hard drive and when we want to watch them we simply load them on to one of our lap tops and hook it up to the T.V. It's kind of a hassle. So with this lap top we deleted everything that was on it and uploaded all our movies so that we can control it all at the click of a mouse. The best part is we don't have to worry about wires everywhere anymore. I love it and think it was a great idea!

So want to know what I love so much about photography? check out these adorable guys and you'll understand!