Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So, many of you might already know Bruce and I are pregnant. Today was a fun day since I'm 16 weeks we had a chance to possibly find out what the sex of our baby would be. While we were sitting in the room waiting for our midwife, we shared what we thought the sex would be. I was really surprised when Bruce said he really thought it was going to be a girl. I also thought it was a girl. So Gretchen came in and we were able to hear the heart beat for the first time (a special moment let me tell you) and after she did the ultrasound. It took a while to get a good view since the baby was moving all over the place but finally we got a pretty good look and we think it's a girl. We wont know for sure until the next appointment, but it's a good possibility! We are super excited! Here are some fun pictures we took today. It's really amazing how clearly you can see the baby!
So other news...I just got back from a trip to California. It was a blast! I missed Bruce so much though. Believe it or not but this was the first time since we've been married that we've been away from each other this long. NEVER again.=) It was nice to see the family again and I got an awesome tan!! YUP not white and pasty anymore. I was able to see my little brother in boot camp and see my sisters run. I love my family, seeing them and hanging with them was a lot of fun.
Work is work...I did get employee of the month which was a pleasant surprise. So all you Costco shoppers out there, if you go to the Salt Lake store you will in the next couple of weeks see a nice picture of ME hanging up on the wall on the way to the restrooms.=) HAHA

Bruce is working hard in school and trying hard to do his best at work. I look up to him so much during this hard year. He has a lot on his plate and he's been so awesome in keeping up with school, work and helping me as much as I need without complaint. What a great man I married!

This next month should be a busy and exciting one. One wedding and 7 family sessions!! WOW we'll see how I survive!!

Until next time, here are some awesome pics from our appointment today.

here is the bum (in between the legs) shot.
I love this one becasue it looks like she is waving at us saying, "Here I am"=)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I had to post some of these before turning in for the night. I just finished editing them and think Liesel is a beauty!! Can't wait to shoot her wedding.=) Why didn't I decide to do Bridals? Now that I'm a photographer all these small things seem so fun.


Good night world.