Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Must Try!!

S Wooden Tile O M e

I love this and want to take my camera out to do it myself. But for now Flicker does the job! Want to try it out? Go here

f004 U, dancing N Exclamation bag Caution!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who do you feel is responsible?

While checking my email today a headline captured my attention. Here is the article,

Attack of the 3rd-Graders?

The shocking headlines out of Waycross, Georgia— 3rd-graders plotted to attack teacher, brought knife, handcuffs —lowered the bar on school violence and raised the alarm among parents, teachers, psychologists and just about anyone with an opinion about the country’s future.

The third grade plotters—nine students between the ages of 8 and 10—were allegedly readying a revenge assault against a teacher who had given one of the children a time-out for standing on a chair.

Tipped off by a student, police seized the kids’ menacing arsenal at school, including a steak knife, duct tape, handcuffs, and a heavy paperweight. The teacher specialized in learning disabilities, including attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, though it’s not known if any of the plotters had those diagnoses.

The sophistication of the plan—with kid-assigned jobs of covering classroom windows and cleaning up after the attack—stunned even the police.

“We did not hear anybody say they intended to kill her,” the police chief said, “but could they have accidentally killed her? Absolutely.”

The big question—who or what was responsible for the children’s shocking behavior?—was debated across the U.S. on message boards and Main Street.

The culprits ranged from peer pressure to parenting, with violent video games and television getting much of the blame. “Kids naturally think now that the solution to everything is to shoot someone like they see on TV,” one comment read. “I weep for the future of America.”

For the present, local authorities are uncertain exactly how to proceed. In Georgia, children under 13 can’t be charged with a crime. Being declared “delinquent” by a judge may be the only legal penalty, but the state doesn’t have detention facilities for third-graders.

Tell us what you think. Given the restrictions with the law, how do you make punishment for third graders fit the crime? How much responsibility do their parents bear? And what about the rest of us—should we also b as members of society?

The link for the site can be found here:

It's really quite an interesting read. Many people responded to the news in many different ways, some said the teachers and school system were to blame, others said it was the fault of society (ie, tv, video games and giving children too many equal rights) and last, that the parents were to blame.
It saddens me to read things like this. I feel that it really is a accumulation of all these things. Society is becoming so fast pace, no one really has time to just sit and eat for hours at the dinner table. Parents are having less kids because careers are becoming more important and any technology available to keep the children distracted is great.
I can't believe it's all the parents fault when society makes it hard to just live on a one person income. I know my mom did a paper route for 12 years just so she could help financially and be a stay at home mom. She did all she could at teaching us moral standards...yet still my eldest sister went off the deep end at 17. While it wasn't anything violent it went against what they taught us as children. My sister was taught like the rest of us and still chose not to listen and now she suffers the consequence of her actions. What concerns me is that these children were so young. I read an add on KSL the other day about a lady asking for any newborn baby clothes. She claimed that her coworker came home from work the other day and found that her 15 year old daughter had a baby without her mom knowing she was even pregnant. I can't ever imagine not knowing my daughter was pregnant. This is the problem with parenting. Parents and society dont allow children a chance to be kids anymore. I feel like most parents want there children to act like adults, what a horrible thing to want since most adult don't act like they should. Parenting has I believe become less involved. I don't want to step on any toes here either, because I know of a great many families with wonderful parenting. It's the majority I'm talking about...
Looking at society again, it really disturbed me to hear someone say that we lived in a new kind of world and that the "old" way of doing things wasn't working for our "new world..." I think this is a prime example of the problem. This "new world" is the problem. Yes, I think change is OK, it's going to happen as technology gets better. However its the kinds of things we change that bother me. Take a look at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, they change with the times, for an example they have an amazing website and broadcast of conferences are sent throughout the world because the church has become so big . However the doctrine and standards they teach remain unchanged and look how long the church has been around.
Sorry this was such a long post, I just feel sad sometimes that this is what my kids will have to grow up in. I hope at least that I can teach them good things. I hope they will always be able to choose the right from the wrong.
What do you think of the matter???? I'm curious to hear all your options about this issue.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Published: Thursday, July 24, 2008 11:09 a.m. MDT

Sariah Long didn't have the type of morning one would expect out of a winner of a loaded race, but it didn't matter to the Weber State alum, as she won the Deseret News women's 10k by seven seconds.

A crazy, frenetic day started as she realized she did not have her racing chip. Long decided to make a warm-up run out of the trek back to her sister's apartment, but on her way, got lost, so she had to get a ride from a security guard. Once there, her sibling wasn't there, so she had to run towards the course, stop a policeman to use his cell phone to call her husband, who got her there in enough time to still run the race.

"I'm so happy they didn't fault me at the starting line for being as dumb as I was," Long said. "I had a hectic morning."

The 22-year old Ogden resident, who just finished 12th in the Olympic time trials, started out the race with a loaded pack that included multiple Deseret News 10k winners and all-Americans from across the state and nation. The lead group went out fast, posting around a five-minute mile and passing the second mile in 10:05. The group broke to five by the third mile, and by the fourth, it was Long and former BYU all-American Lindsey Dunkley all alone for the winning purse. Long pulled away on the uphill portion of the course, at one time having close to a 20-second lead and held on to win the race in 33:04. Dunkley finished in 33:11.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Winner In The Family

Pioneer Day was awesome. My sister Sariah came down the night before to stay the night so she could run in the Deseret News 10K. First place finisher from Utah would win $2000.00! So as always Sariah had to stick to her pre-race routine the night before by eating at least 6 helpings of homemade pizza. Of Course she had to get her beauty sleep by going to bed just after midnight and Im sure she got a good nights sleep on our couch!
The next morning she up and out the door around 5. While out running her warm up she realized she forgot her chip at our house. So she ran all the way back to the apartment to get it but got lost and ended up running around our apartment complex until she found someone to guide her to the 1000 courts where we live. When she finally found her way back to our apartment the door was locked and she couldn't get in. So she ran all the way back and talked to one of the race officials who told her to just time her race with her watch in case she won. So after about a 4 mile sprint warm up and a whole lot of stress she runs this 10k (a 6.2 mile run). Bruce and I were at the finish and I'll admit we thought she would get second. It was awesome to be at the finish and see her coming in as the first female finisher. We were so proud of her!
After all she had been through she came out and ran an amazing race. I think her time was 32:04? I could be off a min though. It was a lot of fun to be in a runners environment again. It really gets me pumped to sign up for a race and start getting back into running.
I'm so grateful for Bruce he loves all this stuff as much as I do, that makes everything so much more enjoyable!
I love being around so much family.

Here are some shots from the day....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Photographers Paradise

Today I don't have to go into work until 6pm so I got on my bike (well, Jimmy's bike...thanks Jimmy) and went exploring. I took 800 east down to 800 south and found a small antique shop called emiliejayne. Such a cute shop, if you were to look at other stores with the same things they would be WAY over priced however I was surprised to find that this small shop has awesome things for awesome deals. I call it a "Photographers Paradise" only because I love the rustic look in photography and this store has so many potential items to enhance a picture. My mind was screaming with ideas of different shots and poses as i looked at verious rustic chairs, baskets and blankets. The best part about finding this awesome shop is the location of it. It's about a 10 min ride from our house, not bad considering I will, Im sure become a local =). So if your in the Salt Lake City area You should check this amazing store out they're always getting new things in everyday.
The address is 801 south 800 east and its called emiliejayne.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Married Life Thus Far

Life has been pretty hectic with jobs, callings within the church and family. I can't believe its been so long since I last posted a blog.
OK, it's been a little over three months since Bruce and I got married I still can't believe it's been that long. Since that time we have moved into married student housing, Bruce is working and I got a job at Costco (which I'm super excited about).
My photography has made leaps and bounds since meeting Bruce. He has loved and encouraged me so much which has made all the difference. He is currently working on a flash website for my photography. For those of you who have seen my current website be prepared for something WAY better. I love him for taking so much time trying to figure out how to code and do things the way we want. Really you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to code the smallest of things. Now all I need is some new faces. I've been talking to a lot of families who are interested in our court, I'm really excited about how everything is turning out.
Bruce and I have also been trying to save on gas lately so we went out and bought him a bike. I think its a trek 3700? I could totally be wrong, but it is a VERY fun mountain bike. He now takes the bus and his bike to work so we only have to do one trip instead of four. We were able to go two weeks on one tank of gas, which is really good for us!
I also love that we live so close to family. Bruce has a lot of family here in Utah and I have my younger sister Sariah who also lives so close. I'm realizing just how blessed Bruce and I really are. I mean we have a wonderful home, we both have great jobs we both fairly enjoy. We have nice things and have enough money to do fun activities. What can I say being married is so fun. I love having someone to lean on completely. I love building our home from nothing and making it a place of refuge from the world.
Married life thus far has been awesome I couldn't have expected anything better.
Here is a favorite picture from the 4th. We had this family MacDougall photo contest. The rules were to have at least two MacDougall's in the photo with red, white and blue. I love the bums=)
Fun times!!!