Friday, July 25, 2008

A Winner In The Family

Pioneer Day was awesome. My sister Sariah came down the night before to stay the night so she could run in the Deseret News 10K. First place finisher from Utah would win $2000.00! So as always Sariah had to stick to her pre-race routine the night before by eating at least 6 helpings of homemade pizza. Of Course she had to get her beauty sleep by going to bed just after midnight and Im sure she got a good nights sleep on our couch!
The next morning she up and out the door around 5. While out running her warm up she realized she forgot her chip at our house. So she ran all the way back to the apartment to get it but got lost and ended up running around our apartment complex until she found someone to guide her to the 1000 courts where we live. When she finally found her way back to our apartment the door was locked and she couldn't get in. So she ran all the way back and talked to one of the race officials who told her to just time her race with her watch in case she won. So after about a 4 mile sprint warm up and a whole lot of stress she runs this 10k (a 6.2 mile run). Bruce and I were at the finish and I'll admit we thought she would get second. It was awesome to be at the finish and see her coming in as the first female finisher. We were so proud of her!
After all she had been through she came out and ran an amazing race. I think her time was 32:04? I could be off a min though. It was a lot of fun to be in a runners environment again. It really gets me pumped to sign up for a race and start getting back into running.
I'm so grateful for Bruce he loves all this stuff as much as I do, that makes everything so much more enjoyable!
I love being around so much family.

Here are some shots from the day....

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Cara Bean said...

Wow, your sister must be an amazing runner! Okay, so I changed our URL for the blog. It's We're excited to see you guys soon!