Monday, July 21, 2008

Married Life Thus Far

Life has been pretty hectic with jobs, callings within the church and family. I can't believe its been so long since I last posted a blog.
OK, it's been a little over three months since Bruce and I got married I still can't believe it's been that long. Since that time we have moved into married student housing, Bruce is working and I got a job at Costco (which I'm super excited about).
My photography has made leaps and bounds since meeting Bruce. He has loved and encouraged me so much which has made all the difference. He is currently working on a flash website for my photography. For those of you who have seen my current website be prepared for something WAY better. I love him for taking so much time trying to figure out how to code and do things the way we want. Really you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to code the smallest of things. Now all I need is some new faces. I've been talking to a lot of families who are interested in our court, I'm really excited about how everything is turning out.
Bruce and I have also been trying to save on gas lately so we went out and bought him a bike. I think its a trek 3700? I could totally be wrong, but it is a VERY fun mountain bike. He now takes the bus and his bike to work so we only have to do one trip instead of four. We were able to go two weeks on one tank of gas, which is really good for us!
I also love that we live so close to family. Bruce has a lot of family here in Utah and I have my younger sister Sariah who also lives so close. I'm realizing just how blessed Bruce and I really are. I mean we have a wonderful home, we both have great jobs we both fairly enjoy. We have nice things and have enough money to do fun activities. What can I say being married is so fun. I love having someone to lean on completely. I love building our home from nothing and making it a place of refuge from the world.
Married life thus far has been awesome I couldn't have expected anything better.
Here is a favorite picture from the 4th. We had this family MacDougall photo contest. The rules were to have at least two MacDougall's in the photo with red, white and blue. I love the bums=)
Fun times!!!

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Cara Bean said...

Hey you posted something new! I'm so excited! Oh so Leah and I were talking and really want you guys to come and visit. Tad and I were thinking maybe the 8th-10th of August. We would all pitch in so we can get some other those super photographer skills you got! Anyway, let us know! Married life is great, isn't it?!