Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I had to post some of these cute little guys!

They are such a cute family and the last before a load full of more photo shoots to come the next couple of weeks. I'm still working on some but as I was editing them I had to smile because these guys make me laugh. I'm going to miss them so much when they move out of the court.=/

Just a reminder that the first of four photo sessions is coming up this weekend for Brittany and her family. To read more about it check out her blog here. She told me she still has a few spots open but they will go fast so make sure to book now!!

Here are some of the pics from our shoot.


Monday, November 9, 2009

A fabulous fundraiser for a fabulous family!

So a good friend of ours just found out her adopted daughters biological mother is expecting in December and wants them to adopt this baby as well. Since it's such short notice they've come up a little shot on she decided to do some mini photo sessions to try and raise the remainder amount they need. She is an amazing photographer and it is for a great cause! She will be doing 4 different locations and will have a couple different photographers to help with the load. I'll be helping on some of the date's as well. If you could pass along this information to anyone you think would be interested that would help SO much!!!

Here is the flier she sent me

The link to her blog is here you can read more about it also in the top right hand corner you can donate to her fund (or pay for your session).=)

We just got our BIG ultrasound done last week. We found out for sure it's a girl! She was acting kind of funny during the ultrasound because usually she is pretty active and as soon we started she wouldn't move at all.=) I had to get up and go to the bathroom and she did all she could to stimulate her into such luck=) looks like she's going to be stubborn like her daddy.
It was a lot of fun to see her again everything checked out great and the doctor said she looks perfect. All our test came back great as well. Such a relief!

Work has been a little annoying, for 6 hours straight I have people telling me that I shouldn't be doing this and I shouldn't be doing gets old so fast. Sometimes I wish they would ask what "I" feel like I can or can't handle. I mean I should know my own body better than anyone else right?!=) But I guess if this is the worst thing about being pregnant, I shouldn't complain. I'm actually feeling really great these days. My back doesn't hurt my feet don't hurt...It's kind of nice and I'm beginning to think that the everyday vigorous actives of work are actually whats helping me to feel so good (aside from making me tired).

Anyways here is another cute family from my Colorado trip. This family was seriously cute and the easiest family I have ever taken pictures of. If a prize could be given it would defiantly go to them!