Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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For anyone looking for a laugh...these are a must watch!! I found this site through Holly. You upload faces into the video and watch away. =)

For Halloween we went over to my families. We thought that since it was on a Sunday this year we'd go out with as much family as possible. We had homemade pizza for dinner, watched some ninja turtle and we out trick or treating  around 7pm. It was way fun. Savanah was supper tired because it was her bed time, but I think she enjoyed the excitement everyone had.

We only did few streets, but it was enough. NO one was out this year it was a little disappointing. Even though we didn't go for very long or go very far we got TONS of candy because everyone was trying to get rid of what they had.
Anyways here are some pictures of the night.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Savavah's 8th Month

Wow has a whole month flown by already?! You have grown SO much! You are slowly leaving behind any noticeable traces that you had ever been so small and helpless.

Milestones for your 8th month:

* You can now crawl, but refuse to. You will take four or five crawls and switch back to your whale lunge once you see something worth your attention.=) It's pretty funny and drives grandma MacDougall mad. She is constantly trying to get you to crawl, saying it is an essential part of baby development. I think you know it and just to spite her you wont.=) That seems to be that attitude you've always had, even before you were born.
You can also sit without any help and are very sturdy.

* You pull yourself up onto everything! once you get up onto something you walk as far as you can go. You LOVE standing.I think it makes you feel like a big girl. Your also becoming more daring by trying to let go and balance for a few seconds before falling.=)

* Your new favorite word to say ALL the time is, MOM. You will scream this every time you wake up during the night or from naps. When your hungry and tired and just because. You are starting to understand WHO mom is and that by saying her name you can usually get what you want.

* You are eating food directly from my plate at dinner and LOVE cheerios in the morning.

* You now weigh 20 lbs and are completely out of 3 month and even most 6 month clothes. You just got some pj's that are 12 month and they fit just perfect! We are amazed with how long you are getting. But in most cases 9 month outfits seem to be what you fit into.

* You have this cute fake laugh you use when everyone is laughing and you want to as well. Even though you don't know what could be so funny.=)

* You had your first Halloween ever. You were a ladybug, mommy was a butterfly and daddy was a bug catcher. YOU LOVED your costume. When we put it on, everyone would start telling you how cute and adorable you LOVE getting compliments.

* You know how to make noises by bringing you hand to and away from your mouth. You also make these really high pitched scrams and even know how to give a high fives!!

* You are starting to understand and not like when something is taken away from you. Last night you threw a fit when daddy wouldn't let you take the ipad from Fin. It was the longest fit yet and I can tell it's the start of a princess faze we'll be going through.

* You love, love, love your baby dall. We just recently found that if we put you in your crib with your baby you won't cry and will fall asleep on your own. You like to play on your own and are very talkative when you do.

You have grown SO much this past month I can hardly believe it! You are such a joy in our lives. We love seeing your personality shine through, though it has some spunk to it, you are a very sweet girl and LOVE giving people open mouthed kisses.
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you dear Savanah! Happy coming 9th!

Mom and Dad