Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Been A While.

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. I've almost forgotten about my blog.

So much has been going on with our family. We have moved two more times since moving out of Bruce's parents house and I think we are finally in a little more permeant place. Due to Bruce's parents leaving for a mission we moved into my parents house. It was fine not as cramped as I thought it was going to be... but my brother Samuel and his expecting wife wanted to save money and move in as well. So we all searched for a bigger house to rent. This was not an easy task. Most homes in the Oceanside/carlsbad area do not have quite so many rooms nor desirable floor plans to accommodate three different families. We found the perfect house though, we are now out by the back gate in a really nice home. It has a loft area that has two bedrooms (for Samuel and Kelly) perfect for them, they didn't have to put anything in storage. Plus they have a room for the baby. They also have a full bath up there too!

We live in the front room of the house. It's pretty big so we have enough room for Savanah's things as well as ours. We also have a full bath right off our room.
My three sisters and parents rooms are down this hallway in the middle of the house (perfect for blocking   off with a gate to keep Savanah out!)  master bedroom (full bath) plus two more rooms for the three girls to share and another full bath for them.
YES WE have FOUR FULL BATHS in this house! Crazy right?! The backyard is perfect for Savanah and she LOVES playing outside without me constantly worrying about her dying from some dangerous thing.

We pay cheap rent my brother pays cheap rent and my parents are able to save for a bit before my dad retires so they can save for a house.

Although the house is perfect our lives the past month have been busy and stressful. I finally feel like I am able to spend some one on one time with Savanah and noticed today just how big she is getting! She is such a quick learner. In the car I started counting over and over again to 10...she loves it I don't know why. If you know her you'll know she has trouble being happy in her car seat so I have to distract her. Anyways today I heard her sitting on the floor talking to her baby and she counted to 10 all on her own! I went over and made her do it again and she did. She also get's her favorite books that we have read to her about a 1000 times and "reads" them to her babies. She does pretty good remembering what is happening on each page. Her new book love is, "NO DAVID". I have no idea why, but she walks around the house saying, "NO, David, NO, NO.... Quite David..... Stop that David." She cracks me up sometimes.

Life is as good as it can be right now. I love my little tom girl who often will surprise me with girly ways!
Here is a picture of our halloween outfits. I would have gone out a little more in the whole costume area but we kept it simple and just went around our neighborhood as a family. It was perfect and we loved our comfy costumes. We didn't have a ton of kids, but enough to keep it fun. It was nice being our own family. Savanah enjoyed people giving her candy as well! But was scared and even screamed and ran away from a spooky house.=)

Oma's Pumpkin Patch... So much fun!

Savanah trick or treating.

Happy November!! I LOVE this month.