Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Three day Weekend

Since our trip back from California I've done nothing but work for ten days straight! I was fortunate enough to get Saturday, Sunday and Monday off a well deserved three day weekend! It feels so good to be home and to be able to socialize a bit in the court. The thing I love the most is being able to spend some time with my husband. This weekend he went to the bike shop and got my bike in running condition, yesterday we took it out on the trails and had a blast riding up and down the hills on a awesome trail Bruce and Jimmy found. I never realized how important shocks were before that ride, when we reached the bottom my hands, arms and brain hurt from being shook so hard=)... it was a lot of fun all the same! It feels good to have some time away from work.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The BIG 90!

A week a go Bruce and I drove down with Jimmy and Holly to the Riley reunion and Birthday party. They wanted us to take some family pictures and candid shots, though the family ones wernt able to happen taking the candid shots of all the randomness was fun. The Birthday was for Holly's grandpa who turned 90 years old!! His sister was also with him and she was 94! Talk about a long life, they were both completely all there mentally and enjoying the family attention.
Check out some of the cute shots of the adorable kids and family.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A sneak peek for the Merryweathers

This morning was different from most, instead of staying in bed not worrying about getting up I found myself quite awake with anticipation of this mornings photo shoot. Leaving at around 8am we found the weather to be just perfect (except for the minor sun rays that would randomly shoot out between the clouds). I love this family though, they all have such a sweet disposition about them. They are going to be missed a lot when they move out of the court!
Check out Maggie Jo, I think she has to be one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen. This is a few of the many we took this morning.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some flowers, Duncan and wheels

Today I don't have to work until 5:30 so I let Bruce take the car for a change which meant I got to ride the bike! YEA! So I headed out pretty early I wanted to check out Pioneer Park to see the how the lighting would be around 8am, Friday morning I'm I'm shooting some pictures of a family in the court and wanted to get a feel for how much lighting there would be. I'm excited after going, I have a lot of ideas and can't wait to have some fun with this cute family.

While I was out and about I took a ride down to Smiths (the one on 5th and 5th) to get a few things. When I passed this awesome house with some pretty sweet decorations. I had to stop and take a picture or two since I had my camera. I love this tree. Who would ever think to do something like this??

When I got to Smiths there was a guy at the door passing out fliers for free breakfast things such as, a dozen eggs, sausage, orange juice and english muffins! They even gave out free coupons for free light house dressing (which is yummy and cost a lot). I guess they were having a grand opening for the remodel they did. It was pretty sweet, however you have to remember I rode my bike down and was not expecting to buy so many things. SO I bought tote bag to put it all in so I could carry it all home. I amazed myself by being able to make it up the entire 8th hill that lead back home. That thing is steep, but I didn't walk once.

When I got home Holly and Duncan were out along with a few other neighbors. So I got to hang out and talk for a bit and even got to watch Duncan and play with him for a couple of hours (that's always a rare treat...). So we took a walk down to the gardens because I've had my eye set on taking some pictures of these amazing sunflowers that are in bloom everywhere.

Here, I was trying to get Duncan to smile again by playing Peek a boo by the tree. He was laughing so hard every time I did it but after the camera came up to the eye, this is the face I got. =) One day I will get a good one of his adorable smile.

I hope you enjoy the pictures they came with a fun day!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A hard day and A Sweet Husband

Yesterday I decided that I desperately needed to get back into running. So I got my running gear on and made the mistake of heading out around 11am. It was incredibly hot I thought I was going to die. Needless to say I didn't make it very far before I headed back in and felt even worse because I realized just how out of shape I was. I was still determined to finish my workout even though I couldn't finish my i got some water and a blanket and went outside under the tree to do some push ups, Abs and lunges I was completely dead and had NO energy to clean the house before setting out to work. I worked an eight hour shift that NEVER seemed to end and was dreading coming home to a messy apartment. I was able at least to get off a little early and when I came home I walked into a completely cleaned apartment. I cant even tell you how great it felt.
After thanking Bruce a million times we got to talking about his day and he told me about all the things he was able to do and get done (Like even going to the store)! He worked an eight hour day and even rode his bike to and from work! Talk about being tired. I think that's why I was so grateful, he is always helping to clean up but he did it when he was as exhausted as I was.
He always does things like this and I'm extremely grateful for him. I really don't think I could ever do anything like this alone and we don't even have kids yet!!=)

OK enough bragging about my husband=)