Sunday, August 17, 2008

The BIG 90!

A week a go Bruce and I drove down with Jimmy and Holly to the Riley reunion and Birthday party. They wanted us to take some family pictures and candid shots, though the family ones wernt able to happen taking the candid shots of all the randomness was fun. The Birthday was for Holly's grandpa who turned 90 years old!! His sister was also with him and she was 94! Talk about a long life, they were both completely all there mentally and enjoying the family attention.
Check out some of the cute shots of the adorable kids and family.

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KP said...

Oh Sabrina, these are beautiful! It's been such a treat to enjoy them this morning from so far away. That one of Liz and Grandpa is perfection! The two birthday people. Thank you so much, I needed that this morning. So homesick.