Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some flowers, Duncan and wheels

Today I don't have to work until 5:30 so I let Bruce take the car for a change which meant I got to ride the bike! YEA! So I headed out pretty early I wanted to check out Pioneer Park to see the how the lighting would be around 8am, Friday morning I'm I'm shooting some pictures of a family in the court and wanted to get a feel for how much lighting there would be. I'm excited after going, I have a lot of ideas and can't wait to have some fun with this cute family.

While I was out and about I took a ride down to Smiths (the one on 5th and 5th) to get a few things. When I passed this awesome house with some pretty sweet decorations. I had to stop and take a picture or two since I had my camera. I love this tree. Who would ever think to do something like this??

When I got to Smiths there was a guy at the door passing out fliers for free breakfast things such as, a dozen eggs, sausage, orange juice and english muffins! They even gave out free coupons for free light house dressing (which is yummy and cost a lot). I guess they were having a grand opening for the remodel they did. It was pretty sweet, however you have to remember I rode my bike down and was not expecting to buy so many things. SO I bought tote bag to put it all in so I could carry it all home. I amazed myself by being able to make it up the entire 8th hill that lead back home. That thing is steep, but I didn't walk once.

When I got home Holly and Duncan were out along with a few other neighbors. So I got to hang out and talk for a bit and even got to watch Duncan and play with him for a couple of hours (that's always a rare treat...). So we took a walk down to the gardens because I've had my eye set on taking some pictures of these amazing sunflowers that are in bloom everywhere.

Here, I was trying to get Duncan to smile again by playing Peek a boo by the tree. He was laughing so hard every time I did it but after the camera came up to the eye, this is the face I got. =) One day I will get a good one of his adorable smile.

I hope you enjoy the pictures they came with a fun day!

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Leah and Joe said...

I love all your pictures! I cant wait until the Carluccio Family photo shoot sometime! We will have to try and plan another trip with you guys in the fall.
I hope you guys have a great summer, it was so much fun seeing you and your little apartment!