Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Busy Bee

Our trip to cali is slowly coming to an end and while I am sad to be leaving, I've found myself strangely grateful to be going home back to normal life. I took pictures for four families in three days! It was SUPER fun. I can picture myself doing just this for the rest of my life and being completely happy. In these photo shoots I tried to work a lot on lighting and shadows since I've been horribly bad at paying attention to these important aspects. WHAT a difference a small thing like that can make in a picture. My sweet husband sacrificed surfing so that I could have an assistant to help with posing, covering shadows and making ridiculously funny faces to make the kids laugh. I don't know what I would have done without him! I'm so grateful for his willingness to help me in all aspects of life even when it means him sacrificing the one thing he LOVES to do. We'll just say I have the best husband in the world.=)

Anyways I know you all want some picture love! I just want you all to know how jealous I was editing these...I just don't think its right for so many people to look SO good in or out of pictures.
Weelll....I guess that's why I'm the Photographer. I get to be behind the camera where no one can see me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Gimpy Man

Bruce came home from his soccer game with this present. I think he sprained it pretty bad. He has me running all over the house getting him things. After about the hundredth thing, I wonder if this isn't just all apart of some new plan to get me to wait on him hand and foot.=)
No, honestly it's pretty bad. I feel sorry for my gimpy man.=)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

My happenings on an exceptional Saturday:
I only get to sleep in once a week and that day usually ends up being Saturday since I don't have to work. Today ended up being an exception though, Gerard (my boss) decided to have a mandatory meeting at 7:30am! It wasn't so bad, I was able to get up early and get a jump start on the day. The meeting was ok, it only lasted for an hour. Plus I got paid 11.00$ just to sit and listen which is my kind of work. When I got home Bruce and I went for a 40 min run (my calves HURT like crazy now...dumb hilly area), when we finished we relaxed in the apartment and worked on my website for a few hours. I'm starting to become fairly comfortable in Photoshop, so it's fun finding new textures and putting pictures and things together. Here are some things we worked on today:

This is a logo I just put together in Photoshop. Bruce made one today as well but his logo is on his computer and I don't know where he saved it. This is just an idea I'm not sure if it will be THE Saint Laurent Studios logo yet, I'll play around with a few more ideas before I decide.
What do you think of it though...? BE Honest PLEASE=)

I LOVE this image and am super excited about finding it! I was thinking this would make a cool background for my website. Bruce added it today and it looks so good. We've been struggling to find a good background with color and texture. I think we finally found the perfect image!

On top of all these great things Holly, Veronica and I went out to the dollar theater to watch "Momma Mia". It was such a fun movie and it took everything I had not to jump up out of my seat and start dancing! Seriously girls, if you haven't been to see it, get some girlfriends together and GO see it (just a warning KEEP your husbands at home it's not a movie for them). GO, GO you wont be disappointed I promise.
After the movie the husbands met up with us at the Olive Garden for dinner and I stuffed myself sick. YUMMY
It's been such a nice day after such a long and tiring week of work. Days like today just make me smile.
Oh, Prop 8 passed in California....Looks like Bruce and I will be able to move back someday after all.=)YEA for Smart Californians!