Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Sweet Cheeks.

My you are all grown up! I now have to watch myself and stop calling you "my baby". You such a little girl! You are currently in LOVE with Dora. It is the only show you could just sit and watch for hours if we let you! You got lots of Dora presents this year for Christmas and LOVED all of them. Words cannot express how much fun it was to be a parent and watch you open your presents. You took your time opening and playing, opening and playing. You even said, "tank yuuu mum" a couple of times. =)

These days you love to carry around as many things you can get into your hands and have even adopted carrying around buckets, bags, baskets or even your stroller (because you can get more things in them). It's been quite the challenge to go places sometimes. Like this morning when you found out we were going shopping you got your little stroller and fit 4 babies, one Dora, a Thomas train, your Dora backpack (which also had items in it) and 3 blocks in, you refused to leave the house without it sat in the seat next to you the whole trip. =) LOL you are so funny sometimes. You are speaking SO well now and speaking while sentences that I can actually understand. It amazes me how fast you pick up on things. Like this week you switched from saying ya (for yes) to actually pronouncing perfectly YES. We didn't teach you that but you just started saying it all of a sudden.
You can count to 15 and even count your toys and usually get the number right if it is between 1-3.
You have your favorite books memorized ( if I pause at a certain spot you can fill in the word). Your favorite books to read are Little Bear (which is a little kid chapter book. We read one chapter a night), Dora, Thomas and this dog book...I for got the name.
You are going through a eating faze where you wont eat anything. If we tell you how many bites you need to take before you can leave the table it helps to get you to eat something.
You are growing so tall and I feel as though I'm having the hardest time keeping you clothed and shoed!!

You are quite the little tom boy! Yet quite the little girly girl! You LOVE your babies and purses yet you would be the first to hand off your girl toy to the boy next to you at church for one of his cars! I've started getting you some cars because you love playing with them so much.

Thomas is also a new love for you! You wont watch the TV show but LOVE the toys and LOVE the books.

You still love playing with your babies and watching you with them makes me excited for you to be a sister. You are so soft with them and love on them all the time. It's really cute.
I love you little peanut! To the moon and back! You bring so much life and joy to mine and your daddy's life! You keep me on my toes. At the end of the day when I'm tired from chasing you around the house, changing your diaper, picking up after you putting up with the tantrums.... I put you to bed and am just so glad to be your mom! You are so bright and so loving. We are so blessed you are in our family!!
Love you to the moon and back little.


Samuel and Kelly's maternity pics.

My little brother is going to be a daddy!! Yikes that really makes me feel old!!

Here are some pics we got the day before she was due!! Doesn't she look great?!