Monday, March 21, 2011

Mom's little helper.

Today Bruce and I ended up staying home from church because Savanah and Bruce weren't feeling good. Since Bruce was upstairs asleep most of the afternoon, I was left to entertain Savanah. She was in one of those, "I'm going to follow you around the house half crying for you to pick me up" kind of moods. It got so bad that while I was making cookies she'd grab my leg and wouldn't let go.

Here's how it played out...

Me: "Savanah go play with your toys, where is your baby?? Go find your baby."

Savanah: "NONONONO" followed by a throwing of herself on the floor then crying because it actually     hurt.

ME: "Savanah, are you OK? Get up and go play with your baby"

Savanah: Gets up off the floor and holds both arms up to me, "Mom, mom, mom" SLAPS my leg "Mom, Mom, Mom"

ME: sigh*...put her up on the counter top to help make the cookies.
It was actually a lot of fun to do together and she LOVED it. Of course she had to lick the beater. =)

Which resulted in these ridiculously cute photos of her. =)

I started the playroom and am excited to show some pics soon.