Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adventures in South Boston VA, part two...

Here they was really hard to pick! So there are a lot!=)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures in South Boston VA, part one...

So most of you already know I had an awesome opportunity to travel to South Boston to shoot
a wedding. It was such an awesome experience and am so grateful I was able to go. My sweet husband stayed home with our 3 month old while I went away for 2 days to what was to me, REST and relaxation! =)

I arrived a day early for the rehearsal and to make sure all was in order for the wedding day. It was on a beautiful plantation called the Barry hills estate. We were literally out in the middle of no where. My hotel room was awesome! It was very old school (just the way I like things).... The next day was the wedding. It was all so beautiful! Since I had time the first day I walked around and took some shots of the estates. Since I have so many I LOVE I'll post some of the estates today and some of the wedding tomorrow.=)

Be still my heart... I do love a sweet location to explore.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Two Year anniversary! Yay for us=)

So's been a while! Among all of Bruce's sly attempts to get me to post on our blog I thought it time to jump back on the bandwagon and write a post since it is our anniversary.=) Today I've been reminiscing on this day two years ago... at around 11am we were in the temple being sealed. At around 4pm we were celebrating with family and friends at our reception (which was I must say...AWESOME, come on.. we had Mexican food for crying out loud!). At around this time two years ago we were at our hotel relaxing and ummm well you know, need I say more?=) Now... it's been two years and I have to say, it has defiantly been the best two years. Marriage has been what I thought it would be and more. Bruce and I have traveled, I've built up my business, he has finished school, we've had our first child and THAT was an adventure of it's own. We have laughed, cried, argued and planned. Through it all I have learned many valuable lessons about myself and about marriage. I'm so grateful for my husband he is everything I've ever wanted and more in a companion. Today to celebrate we took the baby out for a run. After we went down to cardiff to get a breakfast burrito. We followed that up with a nice afternoon nap with the baby and had a nice evening out by ourselves! We went and saw ironman 2 then went out to the Olive Garden. It was defiantly an awesome day! Much more relaxed than our wedding day!

here are some wedding pics

Happy anniversary hunny!! i love u.