Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures in South Boston VA, part one...

So most of you already know I had an awesome opportunity to travel to South Boston to shoot
a wedding. It was such an awesome experience and am so grateful I was able to go. My sweet husband stayed home with our 3 month old while I went away for 2 days to what was to me, REST and relaxation! =)

I arrived a day early for the rehearsal and to make sure all was in order for the wedding day. It was on a beautiful plantation called the Barry hills estate. We were literally out in the middle of no where. My hotel room was awesome! It was very old school (just the way I like things).... The next day was the wedding. It was all so beautiful! Since I had time the first day I walked around and took some shots of the estates. Since I have so many I LOVE I'll post some of the estates today and some of the wedding tomorrow.=)

Be still my heart... I do love a sweet location to explore.