Saturday, June 27, 2009


So our trip was amazing... this will be part one of many post to come. Bruce and I are working on putting together a rough outline of all the happenings of the trip. Until that time here are a few of my favorite pics.

Monday, June 1, 2009

1000 Court Summer Fun

So I've decided that, like all things, we have our pros and cons to where we live. On the downside, no kitchen. Even if we moved into a two bedroom we still look forward to, NO kitchen (ok let me rephrase that, we do have a kitchen it's just located in our living room). Yup thats about it on the cons=). So in other words my life would be complete if I had a separate room to call "The Kitchen". LOL Oh dear, I'm pathetic.

As for the pros... we live in THE most awesome court with lots of fun people who help me be more social. We live next to family (literally, right next to them) and we live in a great location. We have the Uof U campus near by, grocery stores, restaurants awesome photography spots, lots of fun hiking places, I can literally run to a trail and be in the mountains. we have the zoo, parks and red bute gardens. So many fun things to do, however nothing tops hanging with everyone in court. Bruce and I get to play with all the kiddos and get our kid fix. =) Seriously, we have the best court. Bruce took these while hangout with everyone one day. All the kids were playing in the pool, while all of the adults were huddled in the shade.

Can it get much better than this??