Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Early Valentines Day!

It was a year ago this Saturday when Bruce proposed to me, that day happens to be one of my sweetest memories. I sit sometimes in awe at how fast time is flying by, it seems like just yesterday that we got married.
However, I've never been a big fan of the holiday, probably becasue I hardly ever went out with anyone on the Day. Every year seemed to be the same, go to Walmart, buy myself a box of those dove truffles (yummy), buy a chick flick and cozy up with the comfy couch while I recieve text messages from friends who were lucky enough to get asked out on dates. Depressing right? But really it wasnt all that depressing. I liked my corner of the couch, it really was quite comfortable.
Now that I'm married, it feels nice knowing you get to spend the DAY OF LOVE with someone you really do love. I'm greatful for Bruce and enjoy spending everyday with him, even if it has been a year!=)

Here's something I got to do today to celabrate valentines Day. Some of you may know that I watch some kiddos in our court a couple times a week. These kids are super easy to watch and I enjoy all the time I get to play with them! Today we made some Valentine Cards for mummy and daddy then we took these pictures that I'm going to glue on them after I get them printed. It was way fun and I can't wait to deliver them on Saturday. SO IF YOU KNOW THEM DON"T TELL TILL SATURDAY!!!=) All I did was lay one of Keidra's pink blankets up against the couch and put some of her cute room decorations on the floor and you have an instant studio! I got the idea from my sister in law laurel who got the idea from Here. It's not as great as hers but still last minute ideas never besides the kiddos do steal the show, don't you think?


Holly said...

They are going to LOVE that!! Everyone is going to want you to watch their kids now =)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

they turned out so cute - the background makes the biggest difference.

Emily said...

They turned out PERFECT!!! and we love them!