Sunday, February 15, 2009

Easy Wall Art

Isnt this just a great idea??? I love it and want to try it for our small hall that's by the bathroom...or maybe in the room?=)
It sounds super easy and you can check out how to make it here.

It was a great weekend! Valentines Day for me started Friday, I had to end up staying late at work and didn't get home till 10:30pm. When I got home the house had been completely cleaned! The dishes that had been neglected for a good couple of days were done and even put away. I had a dozen white roses in an emiliejane vase (which is my FAVORITE STORE!!!) just bought that day with dove chocolates. Bruce even downloaded 10 Things I hate about you to watch that night. The next day (Saturday) we both slept in (yay!!!) and while he went to get his hair cut and get some things for the car I went for a 70 min run!! I was so proud of myself. Then we got all cleaned up and went out to dinner.
What a great couple of days it's been, I wouldnt have wanted it any different! I hope everyone else had a wonderful day!!

AHHH the start of a new week...time does fly.


Holly said...

That does sound really nice. These MacDougall boys can be pretty thoughtful when they put some effort into it!

Shannon said...

SOunds like a great V-day weekend!