Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Savanah...

I thought with being the second eldest of eight kids, I had a pretty good understanding of what it took to be a "mom"...
but somehow I never learned about the sleepless nights, how hard it is to resist not just bringing you to bed, the laundry, oh the laundry! If it isn't coming out of your mouth it's coming out the other end!=) How worrysome it is when you get a simple cold, how tiring it is having you on my hip all day.
At the end of the day when you have finally fallen to sleep, the war begins in my mind, "should I go to bed? should I stay up?".... Then when I go to bed I'm thinking of all the things I could be doing and when I stay up I'm thinking of how much longer tomorrow will be when you wake up.=)

Putting all this aside...I LOVE being your mom and I just adore you. Today you are 4 months old and you are learning to grab for everything that is within your reach (including my hair). You have this play mat you love! You could play for hours just grabbing those animals and trying to pull them into your could play for hours if you didn't get hungry so often.=) You still hate tummy time and refuse to be on your belly for longer than a few minutes. However you love standing and being upright so you can check out the world around you. You especially like sitting in your bumbo chair.
You have finally out grown most of your new born clothes and fit quite well in most of your 3 month outfits. You hate when I put head bands on you, but don't mind if I glue a small bow to your head. People give me funny looks when I tell them how I get it to stick...sometimes I feel bad, but you look so cute.
You are quickly discovering your power over cry your most saddest cry to get what you want and mom just can't resist. You are also learning how to control your voice and like to "talk" to mom and dad.
Since you have been born you have been to three different states, California, Utah and love traveling and are always good on road trips. You love California most though I think... we just had our first trip to the beach a few weeks ago and you loved sitting under the umbrella.

...and yes you are still spiting up ALL the time! Everyone is paranoid of it...
Happy 4 months Savanah!

Love Mom


EmaLee said...

What a little cutie! I love that first picture of her. Great post too... :)

Abi said...

wow. i thought the st laurent genes were strong but she looks just as much like a macdougall as she does a st laurent! she's adorable!!

you're looking great too, sabrina!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Savanah - we sure do love you!