Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today I am grateful...

I'm grateful for my amazingly good baby, who was so clam the entire day. She even went down for a nap (which consisted of her just lying awake in her crib for an hour).
She is getting SO chubby I just can't resist kissing her chubby checks all the time.

I'm grateful to be here in Cali with so much family around.

I'm grateful for my husband who tries to do all he can to help...even if he needs a little persuading every so often.=)

I'm grateful to finally be losing that extra baby fat, it feels so good to be running consistently again. Especially to be healthy enough to do so!

I'm grateful for my in-law's who keep me laughing! Savanah and I woke up to find Dad MacDougall and Bruce outside moving the trampoline because Dad decided he needed a spa and and one of those swimming pools (you know they have the jet you swim into to get a workout??? I don't know what they are called..). Only Dad will get a crazy idea in his head and have it in motion the next day no matter the cost or craziness of it.=) I LOVE it.

I'm especially grateful that I'm given the opportunity to take pictures of such beautiful people. A friend of mind from work wanted me to take some pictures of her niece before I left Utah.
Sigh...if only I could find a photographer to take some pics of our family without having to pay an arm and a leg for it!=)

Isn't this little girl just a doll?!=)



Tami said...

Cute pictures! Just a funny- my kids love to look at your picture every time we go to Costco. Hope all is well-love the post!

Brittany said...

we miss you! When will you post pics of your chubba bubba? I want to see her!?!