Thursday, June 17, 2010

Liberty of London.

I love this dress and got it when visiting family in Colorado. Bruce said I didn't need it, but I don't agree...I got it out of storage a few days ago and was happy to see it fit Savanah, it's still a little lose on her but I love it so much that I had to get some picture's of her in it. I love the new Liberty collection at Target. I had to talk myself out of getting these supper cute rain boots I feel in love with...but that's another story.=)
So, I took these today, it took me 30 mins from start to finish... I've decided that I need to do it more. When we moved into the MacDougall home we inherited these chairs from my brother in law. Since I sold all my props when we moved, I thought this orange chair would be perfect for pictures. So my muscle man hauled it down the hill. What a great guy! I think he was skeptical as to how they would turn out at first though.

I still can't believe how big Savanah is getting! I have another idea I will put into action in the next couple of days and a senior shoot on it's way this weekend I'm excited for!

Bruce is still looking for a job. I'm hopeful though=) I really have no desire to leave this wonderful weather!



bruce carrying the chair back up to the house.

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Micaela Stlaurent said...

There she goes eating her hand again. She is so cute!!