Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Colorado Trip

On a lighter note, Bruce and I had just recently drove out to Colorado to visit his brother and sister in law. What a fun time it was! We went hiking, I got to do a craft with Laurel, we went out to eat, we went to the aquarium and got to help in the backyard a bit. It was so nice for us to get away from school and work and just relax and have fun. It was also super nice for me to get to know Tom and Laurel a little better. Since they don't live very close I haven't really had the opportunity to sit and talk with just them around to focus on. I've found on this trip that Laurel and I actually have quite a bit in common which is always a good thing=).

Anyways here are some pictures from the trip.

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Laurel MacD said...

Great pictures. I love my sister in laws!