Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tagged Twice in one night!

Wow before this evening I didn't even know what being tagged was, but I found it fun seeing people I know in a new light. I love getting to know people better...

ok, here's Holly's tag, 7 random or weird things about myself:

1. I literally can't go anywhere without my camera. If you see me without it, it's probably because it's in the car wainting for me to pull it out to capture a precious moment in time.

2. Bruce says it's a St.Laurent trait that my sister and I have to become completely incoherent in speech when we get too excited. I think it's funniest when my sister and I are together. We can understand each other, but everyone else will most likely hear a lot of laughing with a bit of mumble mixed in.=) All the while we are actually having quite a meaningful conversation, though you would never know it.

3. I LOVE running most people find this weird enough... I want to run a marathon before I turn 30.

4. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. I find myself wanting everything to be clean and in it's place. I find pride in a clean and organized home, though at times this seems a daunting task (I can't imagine having children to add to the equation). Although I wouldn't consider myself to be over the top about it... I did after all grow up in a home of ten and it was almost never clean or organized for more than a couple of hours a day.

5. I love vintage anything: Clothes, shoes, purses, music home decor... you name it, if it says vintage I'll love it! My mom likes to tell me the reason for this is because "I'm an old soul".

6. I have to mention something Veronica said on her tagged post because I thought of it while reading Holly's blog (which I read first)... which is, that I hate phones and hate talking on phones. Most people I'm sure know this as I always forget to bring it with me wherever I go and no one can ever get a hold of me. Sorry guys!
Is it ironic then that this is what I loved most about Bruce while dating? The fact that he was willing to call and talk to me rather than text, was something that attracted me to him. I know, I know I'm just weird.

7. Humm this is hard... ok here's one that most people don't know about. Usually all children have some sort of comfort "thing" they have throughout there childhood years. This could range from a pacifier, blanket, playing with hair (thats for Duncan) or even a baby doll or stuffed animal. Well my "comfort thing" was none of the norm, actually I played with my ears. I know, dumb right and kind of weird, but alas it's true. Even to this day, if you find me playing with my ears it's usually becasue I'm tired or just doing it out of habbit.=)

ok this took forever so I'll do Veronicas tag tomorrow! My husbands home so I'm off for now.
Oh, I tag Naomi!


Danny and Veronica said...

Yah, it does take a long time! I'm glad you filled it out though:)

Naomi Dawn said...

Haha! Dang thats me! ... well Here comes my next blog topic! ;) thanks Sabrina! lol ... It is me right? I mean you dont know other Naomi's do you?? ;)

Naomi Dawn said...

wait so does the tag consist of me telling 7 random things about myself? am I understanding that right? :)

shumashuma said...

Of course its you, how many Naomi's do you think I know=)

Naomi Dawn said...

haha! just checking! you never can bee too sure! ;) ok ok ill get started on that then! ;)