Monday, October 13, 2008

Winter, winter....go away!

Burr! Can you believe the weather this past week?! While Californians were basking in 70 degree weather at the beach, we were stomping around in 30 degree weather shooting pictures!

Anyways remember the Swensons who won the free session with Saint Laurent Studios? Well, we went out last week to take some family pictures and what a FUN family! I mean seriously these poor kids had to endure a bitter cold evening and yet the whole family was so happy (aren't Jess and Kelsi adorable though). I had a lot of fun taking these pictures, so thanks guys for giving up a warm evening at home for some bitter cold fun!

These are just a few I thought were cute.

I love this next picture! Doesn't this just exactly portray the life of "MOM"=)


Alison said...

Cute pictures! The best one is by far the one of the girls climbing all over Ashley.

Swenson Family said...

Thanks for the pictures! They look great! It was pretty cold, but fun. I am excited to see them. :) How was your trip?

Swenson Family said...

Oh- and I LOVE the one of the two girls together... and then one of Jes, and the wall... They all look great!