Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Special Sunday and Some Home Improvements

Some shots taken one evening looking through our window from the apartment.

I don't often feel this way, but on days like today I feel so blessed to live in Utah. Today was stake conference which meant not going through our normal church routine but heading down to the conference center and sitting among 21,000 other members. We had over 70 stakes that attended, which isn't something you see in California. As we stood in line waiting for our turn to enter the huge conference center a thought hit me, so I turned to Bruce and asked, "Do you think one of the Brethren will speak today?" He looked at me with those all knowing eyes and said, "Ya, I'm sure one of them will be". =) I'm not yet accustomed to Utah's blessing of being so close to the church headquarters, but to my surprise Elder Ballard and President Monson were both in attendance today. What a sweet treat that was! I've always wanted to see with my own eyes one of the prophets of our time. I know that sounds dumb but it was the coolest thing ever. My favorite part about the whole thing was when the whole congregation sang. I don't know why, but the spirit touched me and I thought for those brief moments that we had all become united in our hope and faith that we are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. I thought about the earlier saints and all the horrible things they had to endure, yet they had one another and that one commonality among them, they were led by a prophet of God and they had a Father in Heaven who loved them beyond any worldly sorrows they would face. I love the gospel and love the spirit that was present in today's meeting.

I also had the opportunity to go to Ikea this weekend because I wanted to get some curtains for our living room. I found some really cute green ones that I love. I couldn't find a rod that was brown so I bought a gray rod and spray painted it brown. It turned out pretty good, except that Bruce got a bad headache from the fumes of the spray paint. LOL I like the saying my sister and I had while growing up, "Beauty is pain" sorry honey!=)
Here are some pictures of the apartment with our curtains, Enjoy!



My next project will be to do the curtains for the other windows you see here.

Bruce and I got these lamps from the lady who made our wedding cake. She had this huge shed filled with crafts, I saw one of these lamps first in her home and I was going to go out and try to make one of my own but she had two and gave them to us. A good wipe down, bulbs and some cheap shades from WalMart makes for some totally awesome lamps. I love them!=)
My little sister made this out of clay and gave it to Bruce and I for our wedding gift! Super sweet of her. I finally found a cool shadow box to frame it in, so now its out in the open for people to see what a cool sister I have.


Laurel MacD said...

Looks good - it's hard to make student housing feel "homey" - we LOVE it!

Naomi Dawn said...

Super cute! I love it!! :)

Holly said...

Your place looks great!