Monday, September 29, 2008

Fields of gold

Bruce and I are so blessed to live so close to family. His sister and Brother in law came down this weekend from Bountiful to get some family pictures done. It's been an ongoing discussion every time we would get together to plan a time to finally take them. I love this family, they really do make you feel so at ease because they are so laid back. They put up with all my small posing demands and even drove to two different locations I've been wanting to try out. I LOVE the fields of gold... I found this spot while biking with my sister, I think it makes for a great picture spot.

After we were all through with pictures we headed to our apartment to make some pizza for dinner. Just try to imagine having 11 people in a small one bedroom apartment! I couldn't believe we all fit! It was a blast, aside from the lack of space. It felt really good to give back a little to his sisters family, they've done so much for Bruce and I and we are extremely grateful for that.

Anyways it was a fun, fun weekend and as always here are some of my favorite shots of the afternoon.

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Naomi Dawn said...

WOW! I love them! you are so talented!! :) and yeah I hope to go with christina to see you when she comes! :) so Im excited!! :)