Saturday, September 20, 2008

Soccer Boyz

Bruce has always loved soccer. Even at the age of 24, while going to school and working part time he has found time to be not only on the school intermural team, but also plays with a team every Saturday as well. I went to watch his game today and even though the other team forfeited (because they didn't have enough players) I watched in envy as he ran up and down the field kicking the ball this way and that. I love that he still has a great desire to play this game he has grown up loving and playing most of his life. He's really quite a great soccer player and it's great seeing him get so excited to play even if he does come home moaning and complaining about how sore he is.=)
My favorite part of the day was watching all the younger children with soccer balls trying to play the same way everyone else was. Among these couple of children was Duncan and as you all know he is quite the little soccer player! Just like his Dad and Uncle Bruce. So of course I had to get a million pictures of everyone. I hope everyone doesn't get tired of my photography obsession, I just can't help myself.

Here are some shots from the day.

Bruce is in the red and Jimmy's in the blue.

Jimmy trying to hid from the camera, I was too fast for him!
I also LOVE this shot of Duncan, What a CUTIE!

Holly watching the game. If you look carefully you can see Jimmy in the blue right next to Holly.

Uncle Bruce playing soccer with Duncan.


Seriously, so blessed! said...

BAAA!! Did you see the heavens smiled upon you???

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Laurel MacD said...

Looks like a beautiful day.