Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Fair Lady

Bruce surprised me the other day when he called home and asked if I wanted to go see the play "My Fair Lady" up at the U campus. Of course I was thrilled, I love going to plays. So yesterday night we got all dressed up (well, dressed up for Bruce is jeans and a collared shirt)=) and headed for the theater. We had the perfect seats, right in the middle of the theater about halfway up from the stage. The play was long but very funny and the costumes and acting were all amazing.
During intermission Bruce pointed to a guy who had stood up and said, "Hey look it's President Monson". I looked and didn't believe him at first. I thought it was some look a like, because as I told Bruce that night, the president doesn't go anywhere without his body guards and besides what are the odds that we would be in the same play as the prophet!
Then while Bruce was out talking to his cousin Tadd on the phone, I looked over my shoulder to find FOUR guys dressed in black suits standing all along the side of the theater wall. While disbelif was filling my mind I turn back to this man Bruce had said was the prophet and loads of people started lining up to meet him. I stared dumbfounded that the prophet was sitting just three rows down from me! It was awesome to just sit and watch him interct with people and see him outside of General Conference.
Needless to say, I'm still in shock that we saw him and apparently Im still getting used to living in Salt Lake City where things like this happen all the time! We had a great time though.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to Seriously So Blessed, who gave away a bounch of free stuff. If you havent checked out her blog you should. I won a free photo sesson with Blue Lilly! Which I will probably give away since we were so blessed to have her photograph our wedding just recently. Fun TIMES, it seems I have been winning a lot of things lately actually...Maybe I should start giving free stuff away...hummm.


Naomi Dawn said...

WOW!!! NO WAY!! That is Amazing!!! Im so jealous!!! Craziness!!! I love reading your blogs! they always make me smile! :) you are too cute!! <3 :)

Laurel MacD said...

This is a great story.

whitty-acres said...

Yo Sabrina. You are a lucky girl- winning two of my contests?! Sheesh, do you practice voodoo?

Anyway, hang on to the photo sesh, you'll need it someday. And email me on how to redeem your gift cert. to that etsy shop- you'll need that someday too.

Bye, you lucky girl!

wendy at bluelilyphotography dot com