Monday, October 19, 2009

Parker Colorado Fall Break

This week Bruce had Fall Break so we had a week with lots of possibilities! We decided to travel (yes again) to Parker Colorado to visit his Brother and Sister in-law. What a week it's been! We ate yummy dinners, ran with the kids in a race, took 5 family pictures, worked in the back yard, watched movies, played games, laughed, shopped, went to sonic and stayed up WAY too late talking and doing some much needed catch up!

We were so excited to see them again. The last time I saw them was exactly a year ago and they are such a fun family to be around. Laurel (my sister in-law) is pretty amazing...she makes raising 3 children look so easy! On top of it all some how she manages to keep the house clean and get projects done without you even noticing! Tom (Bruce's older brother) is the same, such an awesome family. We LOVE visiting and being with all our family.

So on our drive home I was determined to drive the whole way since Bruce had school today and I didn't have to work...I was doing great staying awake and listening to Harry Potter, until I saw a sign that said North 25. We were should have been going West on the 80! Yikes. I woke Bruce up and he looked on his iphone which told us we had gone 2 hours in the wrong direction. Needless to say, 4 hours later we were back on course. =/ It was kind of funny now that I think about it, but a little frustrating in the moment. lol

I have MANY photo shoots from this week. So stay tuned for more pictures!

In the mean time here are a few I took before I left of a beautiful family that live in our court.



Danny and Veronica said...

Where was this photo shoot at? I love the colors!

shumashuma said...

They were taken at the garden park ward. It's not too far from here. It is a pretty sweet place to take pictures.

Mike and Emily said...

How fun! It's always nice to leave the state and catch up with family...

Trevor and Liz Covington said...

Love the pics.. who would have guessed a whole bunch of argyle could be so cute?!