Tuesday, October 20, 2009


cleaning the bathroom.

Yet I feel proud of myself for conquering the dirty beast today! I usually make Bruce clean it, I'd rather do any other chore BUT the bathroom. It was so gross I could hardly stand it any longer. Bruce has been so busy with school and work and I kept putting it off, hoping that the bathroom fairies would come and do it for me. NO SUCH LUCK...=)
EEWWWW, even though it's nice and clean now, I'm still trying to get over having to clean it. WEIRD right. ALL WELL

Here is the Morrison family, one of the fam's I shot in Colorado. ADORABLE family and cute, cute kiddos! They just got this dog the day before and didn't want to leave it home alone so they brought it along and it turned out to be a great way to get the youngest to smile. AHHH.. he went for the dog every time, but never the candy. What's up with kids these days??


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