Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby on caffeine.

These past couple of weeks at work have been pretty brutal. I think I got spoiled on our vacation to Colorado because ever since Ive been back work has been kind of frustrating. Two days before the walk (walk means when the "TOP" guys at Costco come down to check out the store) all the managers and supervisors were stressing out because we still had so much to do. All three of my isles that I stalk were changed. I was drained becasue I had to work fast and hard to be done on time. So on my lunch I bought a Dr. Pepper and drank it all hoping it would give me a caffeine rush so i could get through the rest of the day. I don't drink much soda or caffeine so as soon as it hit I was on such a high. The funny thing is that the baby was also on a high. She was kicking and moving for hours. I think that's the longest I've ever felt her move!=) I felt kind of bad, but it was kind of fun to feel and it did make me laugh a bit to myself.

Today I hit my 20week mark, the half way point! I can't believe in just 4 months we will have a baby and our lives will be completely changed. I'm so excited and can hardly wait to see what she looks like.

Here is another family I took pictures of in Colorado. They were a fun and VERY active family! It was hard to get all the kids to sit together long enough to take a picture. But we did get some precious ones. Enjoy


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