Monday, April 13, 2009

"When Life throws you a lemon make lemonade"

I like lemonade, I don't like lemon's which is why I like this quote. Saturday was a very interesting day. I agreed to come into work only expecting to work until 12pm. It was going to be a busy day becasue it was Easter weekend, by the time 12 came around we had two employees call in sick with no back up pizzas and tons of orders. Needless to say I was there until 3 and my photo shoot was scheduled for 4. Oh and did I mention I had my interview too? Talk about being stressed.

When I finally got off work I sped home and called Bruce I was braking down, I wanted this shoot with Shauna and Tyler to be amazing becasue well, these two people are just amazing. I was hoping we'd beat the rain, but right when I got to our location the rain came and it rained hard. Bruce very lovingly calmed me down and got me going again. BOY DO I LOVE MY MAN.
To my relief, the rain stopped as soon as Shauna and Tyler pulled in and gave us a good 45 mins of shooting time beforeit rained again. Since it was coming down so hard we headed inside (which I've never done) and took some pretty sweet shots. All in all it was a blessing it rained, I tried something new and we got to use Shauna's umbrella which I think made the pictures kind of unique in a way.

I slept so good that night...what a crazy Saturday. Sometimes I ask myself why I try to juggle shoots with working full time, then I come home and SEE the final product and I remember why I love doing it so much.

Here are just "a few" of my favorite:


Swenson Family said...

Those are Awesome and I do really like the umbrella. :)

Emily said...

You are amazing! Not only do you work full time and photograph, but you babysit my kids! I don't know how you do it!

Emily said...

I need your email address because my blog is private

shumashuma said...

know I've been meaning to ask you if you would add me! It's


Becky said...

You look so lovely in your photos! They did an awesome job you look so great! Also I wanted to thank you for linking to our blog.