Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally a St.Laurent Family Picture!

Wow, so much has happened since I last wrote. Bruce and I came down to California for the Holiday season and we've been going nonstop since the moment we jumped in the car to say "adios Utah!"

However this Christmas season was a special one for the St.Laurents, since for the first time in a long time all the children were going to be home (well except Michael who is on a mission).
Since we were all here we decided to take some family pictures. MAN, if any of you know our family it's just a miracle alone that we were able to get everyone together, DRESSED, OUT THE DOOR, IN THE CAR, FOR TWO HOURS, IN TWO LOCATIONS.... Needless to say I didn't care how they turned out, just that they were taken. Since I couldn't find anyone to come and help I had to do all the posing, setting up the camera and running to get into the picture. It brought a whole new meaning to the word "photographer". It was defiantly VERY hard not to be in control the entire time. My origional plan was to take two or three at the old train station in Carlsbad and head down to the beach for the rest...but it was super windy and cold at the beach so we went back to the first spot just to keep my pappa in a good mood. I'm sad we had to come back here though I wasnt expecting to take all of them at this one location. But I think we got some ok ones in. It really was a miracle that my Dad even stayed for the whole thing...yay for Dads in a good mood.=)
Anyways here are some sweet and I might add good looking pictures of my super awesome family.

At the windy beach...everyone was freazing cold and huddling together for warmth.

GOOD looking bunch of girlz!
We took this next one becasue they have or are serving in the military (or my bro whi is in ROTC in High School).

This one was a tester. I wanted this shot except that a train was coming right as we were taking it. HAHA I made her stay until I shot it. She almost killed me. But it turned out a little blurry becasue she started getting up right as I took the picture. It would have turned out ggod. Isnt my sister super Cute!

This is what happens when you dont get to take the get awesome shots you can't use becasue of little things like hair in the face.=)


Laurel MacD said...

They look super cute. I left you an award on my blog!

EmaLee said...

I LOVE THEM!!! I miss your family SO much! It is good to see them all (except Michael) in these pictures. I haven't seen some of them for years! I don't even know the two youngest girls. Shanna was just a baby when I knew her too. She is beautiful! I love the picture of her on the train tracks. She is brave for sitting there while the train was coming. Yikes! :) All of you are so beautiful! Great pictures! You take such good ones even when you aren't standing behind the camera! :)