Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Birthday LOVE.

A couple days ago I turned 25 years old! Yikes! I'm getting so old. It was such an awesome birthday, probably one of my favorites. We drove all through the night so we could be home on Monday. I got the second leg of the trip since I like driving later at night. I was so proud of myself for driving the entire last half of the drive. I wasn't even that tired (I give all credit to my 2 cans of Dr. Pepper, 2 cans of Mountain Dew, chips, chocolate and corn nuts). We got home around 6:30 in the morning and slept in until 10. I got up did some editing on the many family pictures from the trip and ran some errands with Bruce. I even went to my FAVORITE store Emilie Jayne and after went to Michaels to get some items for a Christmas craft I wanted to do (stay tuned for more on this later). Later when Bruce got home from school, we drove up to my sisters where we had dinner and went to see the Forgotten Carol's.
Bruce was so sweet and for my birthday bought me the flash I've been wanting for sometime now.

My family gave me money (yay for free money!), my sister got me some boots and my totally cool sister in law Laurel, sent me some super cute Christmas pillow cases for our couch.
Check them out-

I haven't went out to look for pillows yet, but don't they make you want to get some of your own? Well you are all in luck because she sells them in her Etsy shop. Here, go take a look and buy some for yourself!=)

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Crystal Atkinson said...

Wow someone looks like she was completely busy with photos over her time in california. I love you we need to talk soon... great pictures great blog and nice present bruce