Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who Said Nothing is Free?

This last week Bruce introduced me to the classifieds section on Since I don't have a job I've been on every couple of hours trying to find some good deals on furniture. Last Friday was no exception, I went on every couple of hours checking for new posts. On my last attempt (before Bruce got home) I came across a great find! I was stumbling through the couch section and happened to see a post for a couch that was exactly what I was looking for. Holding my breath I clicked on the picture that would allow me to see the price the couch was going for. To my surprise in big bold words the word FREE was the first thing my eyes saw. I couldnt believe it, nothing that good could be free! So I quickly dialed the number of the girl who was giving it away... her name was Olivia. To my surpise she still had the couch and was indeed giving it away for free.
While driving to get the couch we still didn't want to believe it would be ours for free until it was safely in the van and we were driving home with it. So we got to her house and found out from the people she was living with, how cool this girl was. She had gotten the couch as a gift from her sister and since it wouldn't fit in her small rented room she wanted to give it way for free, since she got it for free. Her sisters husband tried to talk her into selling it for 150.00 (which she could have easly gotten out of it), but she wouldn't. she said to him, "What goes around comes around".
So because of this girl's wonderful and amazing gift, we now have a 800.00 couch that looks new. Who says nothing good can be free?=)
So, Thank You Olivia wherever you are for your wonderful gift of selflessness. We LOVE our new couch.

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Holly said...

I still can't believe you got that couch for free. You two must be doing something right.