Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Unlucky to Lucky?

My whole life I would envy those who found great deals or happen to be in the right place at the right time. I would have never considered myself to be one of those people, usually I was the one paying MORE for something than most. I could never find what I wanted for the price I was looking for. However, in the past couple of weeks my luck seems to have turned. Now I feel as though I find exactly what I want for even cheaper than I would of payed in the first place.
But don't take my word for it, you be the one to decide...
The kitchen counter (which we got with an Ikea gift card and only payed a little more for, it was well worth it's extra value), the couch which was like new and free, our table for free from Bruce's sister and now the bathroom shelve. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today because I had two gift cards. They had this amazing clearance table in one of the middle isles with loads of things marked down on it. At the end of this table where two beautiful bathroom shelves it was small enough to fit into our small bathroom, but not too small to store things in. It was a nice wood finish and matched the theme I wanted the bathroom to have. It's original value was 80.00 and it was marked down to 9.99! I talked to the girl that worked in that area and she said it was marked down so low because of the few scratches and because of this no one would buy them. She said her boss told her to mark them down that low so that they could get rid of them. I think the girl was happy to see one of them finally get bought and was even trying to sell me a paint stick that would cover the scratches. I didn't care about the scratches though you can barly see them and for 10.00, WHO CARES!
So I leave it up to you to decided, what do you think? Am I still so unlucky?=)
I wouldn't think so. lol Here are some pictures of the apartment I hope you don't get tired of hearing about our apartment but we don't have much else that is going on at the moment.HAHA

My great find at Bed Bath and Beyond!

Bruce put this shelve up for me the other day. I so greatful for him, he's always doing things to make our apartment look so nice. I love this shelve though.

This is the other counter space we got from Ikea. These apartments have absoultly no counter space so its super nice to have.

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