Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Katie and Dallin Bird's Wedding- My Realization

Bruce and I had the opportunity to go up to Rexburg Idaho this past weekend to see Katie get married. It was nice knowing it wasn't going to be us, that we were able to go with the label of being one of the married couples. I brought my camera as usual and was asked to take some pictures since they only had a friend taking the pictures. I was surprised how I handled the situation, I felt in control and confident in my work for the first time since I started becoming interested in photography. Bruce is amazing as you all know=) he is always by my side encouraging me and being like my second. When I need to be in a picture he is happy to take the camera and take some pretty amazing shots as well. The Bridal shots were fun but we only had five minutes to take them since Katie was running late. Otherwise we could have gotten a lot more sweet shots. I liked taking those because it was just me as the main photographer and I was able to lead her where I wanted. The temple was a bit frustrating as we had about 4 other photographers standing around taking pictures each thinking they were better than the other. So I had to compete for some of the shots I wanted. I noticed through all this that I, was ready to be a main photographer at a wedding. The idea had always scared me as I always thought someone could do a better job on such a special day. This day was different, not only did I want the other photographers to go away but every shot I wanted to get was unique from what they were getting. My ideas were different and I realized that this set me apart from just being another photographer. I think this is what makes a photographer great (I'm not saying I'm great yet, I'm still learning), seeing the world the way we don't typically get to see it with just our eyes. This is why people want pictures, to capture those moments of art and beauty so years later its not just another picture but something that brings back memories of that moment. I don't say this to brag about how I'm so amazing just that I love capturing moments in time that mean something to people. It's a realization that will keep me pushing to be better.


Swords said...

You Go, Sabrina! I am excited for you to get some gigs. It's a gift to see and acknowledge your own strengths. Don't let go of that.

Leah and Joe said...

WOW! I loved the pictures, you did a great job! I looked at your website too. Next time Joe and I are in Utah we will have to hire you!
I am so glad you guys could come up for the wedding, I only wish you could have stayed longer! We will have to plan a mini cuzzie reunion while we all live so close together!
Until then-I'll be blogging!