Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear Savanah,
You are as perfect as ever! You are growing up SO fast I can hardly keep up with you. 
These days you LOVE to mimic anything I do, from putting make up on to doing the dishes. You even play with your ears when your tired (like me). You are talking so much more and are becoming much more confident in repeating words you hear me say. You know where your face features are and what they are called. You LOVE your tiger book, your chicka chicka boom boom book and a book called "I'm as quick as a cricket" You love to be around other kids and try so hard to play with them. You are getting much better at sharing with other kids. You are VERY independent, you don't like to be picked up very much by others. You are even deathly afraid of all the males in the Macdougall and Stlaurent family except for dad and Grandpa MacD. 
My favorite thing you have started doing is saying my name when Im trying to get you do something you don't when I'm trying to get you to go to sleep and you are throwing a fit, you'll stop and say, "momma" Very sweetly and reach up to pull my face down for a kiss as if it will change my mind on you going to bed.=) Silly girl! You are such an active girl you never walk anywhere. You are always running from one room to another and communicate so well with me when you need/want something.

We love you so much little! Happy almost 17th month! 

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Brittany said...

she is BEAUTIFUL!!!