Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It all started about 6 months ago when Bruce and I realized how annoying it was to have the "toy room" in about three different parts of the house. The house always looked like it was a mess, it was hard to clean because nothing had a "home" and it was down right frustrating to clean about 10 times a day.

So we came up with this brilliant plan to move all the toys (even the ones in the living room) into the downstairs spare bedroom which up until this point had been assigned as the guest bedroom. Really though, everyone in the family secretly knows it's the worst room to stay in while visiting. It's loud if anyone is over and you are trying to sleep. It's right by the entrance to the door so people are always walking and talking by your room. It's also right beside the garage which can get pretty loud and the laundry room and the guest bathroom (which is also right outside your door (it gets used alot if people are over)...are you beginning to see why it is the worst guest bedroom in the house?

Anyways if any of you know Bruce's parents you'll know how hard it can be to get them to 'CHANGE' something in the house that has been the way it is for took about a month to finally talk them into doing the switch. I took the entire project on as it is only fair, it was our idea. It took about 2 months to finish. I thought it would be a simple task. However the more I got into it, the more I started to realize what I had really gotten myself into.

When it was done Dad and Mom LOVED it (thank goodness) and raved about it. Even though at first it was total hesitation.=) Dad even asked if he wanted me to make anything for the room. UUMMM ya!!

Here are the pics... Before and After. This has literally been my life for a few months!! I'm glad it's done and is being used A LOT.



This bench was one of the projects I gave to dad. We wanted something sturdy that wouldn't tip over when the kids got on it. It's the perfect height for the small kids to sit on and it doubles as another table plus extra seating for the wee. I'm in love with it!!

I was proud of this idea to take the paper roll that I bought for the easel from Ikea and put it on the wall instead so the kids just pull the paper across the table to color on. Plus they are only about 3.00 at Ikea to replace.

 I love this string line. I found the pins at Michael's for a dollar and it's used for the kids to display the art they make.

Had to add the map that went so unnoticed in the bonus room for so many years.

This was another idea I had when I saw the cute buckets at target in the dollar isle. I thought they would be perfect for the different art things, that way nothing is on the table and we can put them up high when small kids are using the room. I actually have two more for the ends but Bruce's hand was hurting from putting these five up so we'll finished them a different day.

 I love that everything has a home now.

Don't know why, but Savanah is obsessed with these chairs. This is how you find her most of the time when it gets quite.

This was by far the biggest project that took hours and hours of work. I saw a cute picture of one that Laurel (my sister in-law) on her blog and feel in love with it. I think in the end I spent 2-3 dollars on each letter. I had a 5.00 limit per letter. Most came from Michael's and Joann's and even Burlington Coat Factory. Dad made me my Z and Bruce made my B. Because I couldn't find what I wanted for the price I wanted. I had to paint each letter and for some added some scrapbook paper. Other letters I had already and used. Mom made the T and cross stitched the I. I love them both!!

Another project we asked Dad to do was something to put the TV on. We needed something sturdy as it's a big and heavy thing. I didn't want the kids to pull it down on them. This turned out so much better than I imagined it. He even added a space for the books which I love!

In the end Bruce and I decided we liked the room without the closet doors. It gives that nook a built in closet feel. Dad cut some nice white wood to add more selving space. I found some baskets from Ross. I spent 5.00 for the big ones and 3.00 for the smaller.

I got the easel from Ikea for around 10.00 when it was on sale. I like it a lot. It has a chalk board on the other side.

We even tossed all the yellow covers and put in new white covers on everything that needed it. Luckly Bruce was awesome with changing the lighting/plug wires.

My cute baby!! LOVE THAY SWEET GIRL!!


Swenson Family said...

Wow! That looks amazing! What a huge project- I LOVE it. My favorite is the alphabet wall- I love the J. :) Really really great job.

Danny and Veronica said...

It looks amazing! Congrats:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you need to get into the design field! Looks aweasome! I am so jelous of your bench seat!! Way functional! And your letter J is soo cool!! Good Job Mamma!