Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Savanah's 7th Month

Dear Savanah,

I can't believe you are 7 months old! Where is the time going? We are having so much fun with you at this age. Since you were born, all you seemed to want to do is wiggle around. Even at 7 months that hasn't changed. Now however since you are able to get around a little you enjoy being on the floor playing with your toys and watching your cousins.

You just went to your 6 month check up and the doctor was surprised with how much you have grown. He says you have defiantly "caught" up to all the other kids (your real age is 5 months 2 weeks). You now weigh 16lbs! You are able to sit up on your own can scoot all over, roll when ever you want and enjoy walking around with the help of mommy and daddy! You have started solids and enjoy all types of food. You LOVE bananas and LOVE when I give you little licks of ice cream. You just had a little drink of watered down apple juice the other day and wanted me to keep giving it to you!!lol You also have out grown your bumbo and now sit in a high chair, which you love.

Your personality is hilarious, you defiantly know what you want and how to get it. You cry when you want something and even say mum. You enjoy making choking noises and making high pitched screams. It's pretty funny how many different sounds you can make, none of which seem normal to me.=) You also are going through this weird phase where you scratch mommy's and daddy's face off when you go to sleep...drives me crazy.

You have finally grown most of your hair back and I'm just waiting for it to get long enough for me to start playing with. You still hate when I put headbands on you but that never stops me... just sayin.

You have so many people who love you. We do especially. Being a mom sure is hard, but it's completely worth it. Sometimes when you fall asleep and I get to just look at you I'm so amazed and feel so blessed to be able to raise such a sweet girl. You are at such a fun age and are always smiling and laughing. You love when other's talk to you and complement you. I love you so much and know the adventures will keep coming!

Happy 7 months sweetie!!

Love, Love, Love,

Mom and Dad

(I made this skirt using this easy tutorial by Homemade by Jill)


Cara Dickerson said...

Oh she is sooo cute! I can't believe how big she has gotten, she looks so good! I love her big blues! We miss you guys! Hope everything is going great.

Tami said...

Oh my gosh Sabrina! Has it really been that long since you left us? What a beautiful baby girl. Enjoy every minute of it!

Brittany said...

she is beautiful!!! and cute skirt you clever mommy you!