Thursday, July 23, 2009


When I was little my friends all had favorite colors, they'd get outfits, bows and shoes that embodied that color. I remember being jealous as a young girl becasue I never thought any of the colors were particularly "cool" or "pretty". One day this popular girl in our school asked what my favorite color was and I was so ashamed that I didn't have a favorite color (ok and not wanting to seem like a dork really) I said "WHITE"! She gave me this long hard look and said,"WHITE?! Why would anyone want white to be there favorite color?" It was a pitiful moment for me. But now I can proudly say, my favorite color is GREEN. Not just any green but earth toned greens. LOVE IT! I'd paint my walls green if Bruce didn't hate it so much.
Bruce and I have been working on a new logo for my new website design and I wanted to add green to the logo. When I showed him which shade I wanted he said it reminded him of throw up!


So when I came back from the wedding I did in Canada, I decided to take a break from photography. Work and life has been so hectic that it's been hard not to feel a little discouraged and just pain drained when thinking about editing. But then I got a call from Emily and she asked if I'd shoot her sisters wedding. I said yes without even thinking and after I got off the phone I wondered what I got myself into. But engagement picture day came and I had a blast. Darin and Liesel are seriously some of the coolest people I've ever taken pictures of. They were fun, excited and were open to a lot of ideas that might be a little different. It was a long session becasue we went to 2 locations. The camera loved them and they loved the camera, it was love at first sight.

Here are some of my favorite's although it was SO hard to choose becasue they had so many good ones.


Trevor and Liz Covington said...

those are really cute shots!! i don't want you to doubt yourself sabrina but are you sure about green?? it seems like green as a favorite color just might be a trend.... have you taken anyone's quiz about how well you know them?? I swear everyone's fav color is green!! But not nescessarily puke green, that is probably unique to you!

Katie said...

you are so amazing. Those are some of the most amazing pictures!! Good JOB!

Cara Dickerson said...

Sabrina, those are awesome! I really wish you were closer, so we could take advantage of your amazing abilities. (Well, not take advantage, but ya know.) It was great to see you guys!

Holly said...

I don't know if I told you this, but I think these are some of your best pics! I Love the boots!