Thursday, February 3, 2011

Savanah's First Year

Savanah's First Year from Sabrina MacDougall on Vimeo.

Yesterday we celebrated our daughters 1st birthday. It was fun being with family and friends. It's been a crazy thought that a year could possibly slip by so fast! Bruce and I decided we wanted to put this video together for her since we've been taking pictures of her every month since she was born.

I'll post her birthday pictures later...for now I'm off to bed to get a little sleep before I must get up with my girl.=)
(songs are by France England she has an awesome site here where you can listen to the full versions of her songs. I have bought many from itunes because of this site. The song is called "You and Me" from her album Family Tree. The second song is by Elizabeth Mitchell from the album You Are My Sunshine, song "You are my Sunshine")

Happy Sunday!


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