Friday, October 15, 2010

Savanah's First pumpkin.

Monday for FHE we took Savanah and my sisters to the pumpkin patch. We wanted to go earlier so that it wouldn't be so busy. It was perfect. We went to the Del Mar Pumpkin station. Lot's of pumpkins and a fun environment! Seriously it's been so fun having a kid to do things with. When it was just me and Bruce, we never really got into the holidays. For some reason having a child really makes you want to celebrate them. It was a lot of fun, we are going to carve them for our next FHE. So stay tuned.=)

These are the pumpkins we ended up with.

We put Savanah in this pile of pupkins to chose which ever one she wanted.

This was the one she piked. Just her size.

Savanah with Daddy.

She LOVES pulling herself up onto things.

Today we will be taking pictures of her in her costume. Can't wait!!


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